Cloud Commons: A new community site

Cloud Commons will provide an information-rich environment where IT professionals can expand their knowledge and obtain expert information about enterprise cloud computing from across the industry. The site enables content contribution by IT professionals and take advantage of quantified assessments of available cloud services.

The site provides the following services for its participants:

Service Measurement Index (SMI), being developed by Carnegie Mellon University, a standard for quantifying and evaluating services, addressing the need for industry-wide, globally accepted measures for calculating the benefits and risks of cloud computing services.

A marketplace of cloud computing service offerings. This marketplace is expected to include vendor service ratings to enable participants to compare alternate service options.

An area that will allow participants to provide qualitative feedback on their experience with third-party cloud services.

Features that will encourage peer collaboration and networking, permitting community commentary on content posted on the site and enable the sharing of cloud best practices.

Articles from industry analysts and subject matter experts, blog feeds from industry thought leaders, white papers and stories on real experiences from IT professionals.

CA Technologies is sponsoring the site, other foundational members of the Cloud Commons initiative include TM Forum, Red Hat, Carnegie Mellon University and Insight Investments.

CA Technologies invested in initial independent research to provide starting-point information about the many cloud services. On-going community participation will be able to build on and expand this information, while also adding commentary and entirely new content. Future planned additions are planned to include hosted web casts and webinars delivered by subject matter experts on cloud topics, and content in podcast and video formats.

“Today, there is no comprehensive, unbiased source that solicits and aggregates the most current and relevant knowledge about cloud computing and the accumulated, actual experiences that organizations are having with the cloud,” said David Hodgson, senior vice president of the Cloud Products & Solutions business line at CA Technologies. “Cloud Commons will address this need — providing IT professionals with situational awareness and visibility into what is possible with the cloud.”


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