IBM Presents Real-Time Protection For Your IT Infrastructure

Infosphere Guardium 8 is the latest in security protection from IBM, the software has been created to protect the enterprise from internal and external threats from unhappy employees and cyber cirminals. The system embeds itself into the IT system and ensures levels of security that meet government compliance standards.

A data breach can cost a company between $100 and $200 per compromised record according to industry estimates, Gardium 8 can be embedded inside several enterprise applications that can range from CRM, human resources, ERP to accounting, finance and related applications. The system offres a single set of contorls that are atuomated and includes a broad range of database and applications.

The system can protect the enterprise IT infrastructure in the following functional areas:

Fraud Protection for SAP Systems: From client data to ERP and personnel information, SAP systems often contain sensitive information that must be monitored for compliance and audit purposes. Now, businesses can detect fraud in real-time through the monitoring of all user activities at the application layer, including activities by administrators and outsourced personnel. The new release of InfoSphere Guardium provides more detailed information about SAP users, making it easier for businesses to detect fraudulent activities without making any changes to their databases or applications.

SAP Systems:

Administrators can detect fraud in real-time by monitoring all user activity in the system at the application layer which includes administrators and outsourced employees. Guardium gives detailed information on users in the system and makes it easier for for business to detect fraudulent activity without making major changes to the database or other parts of the software.


Guardium implementation in the infrastructure results in continuous real-time monitoring which results in alerts if files in the system are accessed with proper authorization. These alerts are key to protecting valuable intellectual property and business information for the enterprise.


The software offers enhanced database activity monitoring capabilities for IBM DB2 databases running on System z, allowing businesses to protect critical information from unauthorized access by administrators. For example, if a database administrator at an insurance company tries to access a client’s social security number, salary and medical history, the system will immediately generate an alert for security and compliance personnel. The new version of InfoSphere Guardium 8 leverages IBM-developed mainframe technology to capture all database transactions with minimal performance impact.
Further, IT administrators can now setup a series of automated tests which assess security holes and permission issues in the IT infrastructure as a whole. These assessments can lead to a better understanding of the weaknesses in the system and security lapses can be patched accordingly.
Compliance and Auditing:

Guardium 8 allows businesses to have improved flexibility to define custom workflows and share specific audit information with relevant audiences in their organizations. Together with the software’s pre-packaged report templates for common regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI, this capability will help businesses save time and money by significantly reducing time required to gather and report on compliance data required by auditors.
“From organized crime syndicates stealing credentials and hacking into databases to unauthorized access by employees, businesses are facing an overwhelming volume of sophisticated data security threats,” said Mike Gibbons, principal, Deloitte, a leading system integrator. “Organizations must now implement additional layers of security such as real-time database activity monitoring because traditional perimeter security approaches such as network firewalls and anti-virus systems are no longer sufficient.”

The security software has been installed in in more than 500 data centers worldwide, including 5 of the top 5 global banks; 4 of the top 6 insurers; 2 of the top 3 retailers; 20 of the world’s top telcos; top government agencies; the most recognized name in PCs; a top 3 auto maker; a top 3 aerospace company; and a leading supplier of business intelligence software. Guardium 8 is scheduled to be avialable in mid-september and is offered as a pre-configured appliance or virtual appliance for rapid deployment and simplified maintenance.

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