A Solution to Protect Your Data in the Cloud

SecureCloud is a solution developed by Trend Micro to provide key-management technology in coordination with encryption for securing cloud infrastructures. IT administrators can control data stored in public, private or a combination of both clouds using this security software. IT departments are increasingly shifting to private and public clouds as they provide cost efficiency and increase productivity and business agility.

SecureCloud uses policy-based key management, encryption and virtual-server authentication to allow for implementation of data in a private or public cloud. This fairly lightweight approach enables security without the need for installing a complex file infrastructure. Additionally, since administrators manage their own solution it gives them freedom to move data to different providers and models depending on business needs.

Another benefit for administrators is that this solution is in compliance with security protocols required by regulations such as HITECH, PCI DSS and GLBA. Compliance is met by deploying strong encryption on sensitive and personally identifiable data. Since the data owner decides when and where to deploy encryption it allows for complete control and safety over information being processed or accessed in the cloud.

“Security has been one of the greatest inhibitors to cloud-computing adoption. Now, as cloud computing takes shape and enterprises are starting to put data in the cloud, security must evolve to protect and control the data. Enterprises want assurance that their data and applications are secure before they move critical processes into the cloud. Trend Micro SecureCloud gives confidence to enterprises, who can rest assured that that their data is secure and fully within their control,” said Steve Quane, chief product officer, Trend Micro.

“Trend Micro has been working alongside VMware to help ensure that SecureCloud provides support for the latest VMware vCloud(TM) API so customers can continue on their cloud computing journey. SecureCloud’s identity and integrity checking provides a solution for those looking to deploy their own private clouds while helping to ensure compliance and separation of data,” said Parag Patel, vice president, global strategic alliances, VMware.

“Trend Micro SecureCloud’s key management solution gives control over when and where data is accessed. These technologies encrypt public and private clouds so enterprises can operate safely and securely in these multi-tenant environments. This type of solution is awaited by the enterprises and organizations that search for in-the-cloud IT cost effectiveness, but must not abandon security needs and obligations,” said Eric Domage, security software & services research manager, IDC Western Europe.

Here are some key advantages to implementing encryption on data in the cloud using this product:

Lets you choose when and where information is accessed
Allows the enterprise to select and manage it own security to avoid vendor lock-in
Enables cost savings provided by IaaS while controlling data
Provides remote management of cipher keys to enhance data security and control
Promotes safe storage recycling when secure volumes are vacated and repurposed by rendering data indecipherable
Applies internal governance and industry best practices to reduce the scope of audits and facilitate compliance

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