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Renowned brands and others can now increase the number of fans on facebook thanks to uSocial.net. The company has announced their clients can purchase 20 million fans at a time and can hope to achieve stardom at Lady Gaga’s level. “We designed the new service around the fact that there were thousands of businesses out there searching for information on how to get a larger fan base on Facebook,” said uSocial.net’s 25-year-old CEO and founder, Leon Hill. “Our new service now gives just about any business or wannabe celebrity the ability to attract the kind of status and popularity very few achieve.”

“We don’t disclose publicly the cost of our larger packages as this can vary depending on what the client is looking for, though suffice it to say anyone wanting to achieve 20 million Facebook fans will need upwards of $250,000 to invest,” said Hill. “Despite this, we don’t expect to sell our large packs extensively. We know our packages of one thousand to ten thousand will still remain the hot sellers.”

The company sells packages of fans starting at $197 for 1000, which they say are all real people and can be targeted to whatever industry the customer’s business is in.

The company claims it can sell packages of fans starting at $197 for 1,000 with appropriate targeting in whichever sector the client does business. Facebook has issued a cease & desist letter to the company yet the company continues to operate.

Is your brand despreately looking to enhance their brand? If so, I’d suggest staying away from any company that’s openly willing to violate terms on a social network and focus on creating strategies that will foster growth as opposed to wrath in the space.

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  1. J says:

    Wonderful, we got you 10,000 new friends … friends from various correctional facilities … they’ll spit on your wall, or write on your wall that is from the comfort of their publicly donated prison library computer.

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